What’s The Relationship Between Urban Agriculture and Food Justice?

Although urban agriculture has many positive benefits, such as strengthening access to fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables, reducing stress, and increasing food access (thereby improving food security), it is not a silver bullet on its’ own to pave the way for food justice.

As Albane Gaspard states, In a nutshell, for urban agriculture to yield positive outcomes, it needs to be part of a wider array of policies that enable disadvantaged people to access land and find the time to cultivate it.

Read more here: https://urbanfoodfutures.com/2018/02/01/urban-agriculture-and-food-justice/

Key takeaways from the article:

  • Urban agriculture is fragile and needs to be protected
  • Communities must be supported in growing food, as it requires assets (land, time, knowledge and skills) that aren’t always easily accessible
  • Urban agriculture can be a lever for employing those who face barriers to the labour market
  • Room must be made at the table for food justice organizations to contribute to urban agriculture policy