New E-Book Launched on Toronto’s Changing Foodscape

The Toronto Food Policy Council is pleased to launch a new E-Book resource on Toronto’s Changing FoodScape. In partnership with Rod MacRae from the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University, we created an online forum for accessing  food-based publications.

The E-Book is meant to be used and explored easily by all of those interested in Toronto’s food system.  We have organized all of the material, which ranges from academic to popular, according to the 5As of food security: Availability; Accessibility; Acceptability; Adequacy; Agency.

Our purpose is to make the information available as quickly as possible, since much of this information is time sensitive. We’ll be adding new chapters, articles, and reports, and updating old ones, on a regular basis. We hope you return regularly to see what is new.

You can comment and offer reviews, updates or corrections. You may want to post your own work or suggest topics for future work.

Happy Reading!