An Inclusive Canadian Food Strategy, NOT a Corporate Food Strategy

The TFPC has written an open letter to the Conference Board of Canada, expressing concern about their development of a Canadian food strategy. Not surprisingly, the Conference Board’s food strategy (recently circulated through a survey) reflects the interests of food industry investors that are funding the process. For example, building a market for Canadian agri-food exports is favoured over building local and regional markets; large scale agri-food businesses are favoured over small and medium sized businesses; and corporate economic prosperity is favoured over community-based businesses, health, environmental sustainability, and citizen participation. This narrow focus has potential social, economic, cultural, health, and environmental implications.

The TFPC is asking that the Conference Board join the call for a government-coordinated Canadian food strategy. Diverse national policy and advocacy groups have devoted a wealth of resources to developing and drafting Canadian food strategies, including organizations like Food Secure Canada, the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute, and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture.  By seeking to build its own food strategy, and purporting to represent all Canadians, the Conference Board of Canada is overlooking the value of these prior efforts.  This lack of acknowledgement of past work is problematic and indicative of an exclusive, corporate focus.

Who has a stake in the future of food in Canada? All Canadians. Given this fact, how do we move forward with the development of an inclusive Canadian food strategy?

Read the entire letter below or download it here to modify and send yourself. Add your voice to the call for an inclusive food strategy.