Have you been on the Great Scarborough Shawarma Crawl?


Toronto Star Food Writer, Karon Liu, recently wrote about his experience sampling shawarma shops along Lawrence Ave. E., each one representing a different culinary region of the Middle East. Liu, along with CBC Metro Morning Food Writer, Suresh Doss, spent a chilly January afternoon sampling the different regions of the Levantine right here in Scarborough.

Read along their adventure here and find out what makes Toronto’s local food scene so global (and tasty!).

The 5 stops they made (from left to right on the map above) are:

  • Ghadir Meat & Restaurant
  • Shawarma Empire
    • 1823 Lawrence Ave. E; 416-285-1337
  • Nasib’s Shawarma & Falafel Restaurant
  • Yummi’s Burger and Shawarma
    • 2018 Lawrence Ave. E; 647-349-2222
  • Al Tanoor
    • 1993 Lawrence Ave. E; 647-341-6000

Are you ready to take the Great Scarborough Shawarma Crawl?