Nutritious Food Basket

Food insecurity is a major issue in Toronto and can be impacted significantly by polices that limit household financial resources available for nutritious food.

In 2013, the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care presented a report to the board of health

That, derived from a reported increase in the cost of a Nutritious Food Basket in Toronto, recommends government action to improve food security in Toronto.

The Nutritious Food Basket is used as a food costing survey tool to monitor the cost of healthy eating. The cost takes into account: eating patterns based on Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide and patterns of food purchasing determined by Canadian Community Healthy Survey 2.2 results. According to the 2013 Nutritious Food Basket results, the cost of eating healthy increased for a family of four in Toronto by 4% from the previous year.

The Board of Health encouraged the Premier of Ontario to raise social assistance rates to reflect the cost of nutritious food, requested the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care act on the recommendations outlined in the implementation plan of No Time to Wait: The Healthy Kids Strategy and forwarded the report (September 16, 2013) from the Medical Officer of Health to various government officials and local, provincial and national groups and organizations representing food and health.

 Nutritious Food Basket Report from the Board of Health 


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