Menu labelling

Menu labels inform diners of restaurants and food service establishments about the nutrition information of menu choices. It can be difficult for consumers to estimate the levels of certain nutrients in their food choices and they may be unaware of the calorie and sodium levels in menu options. Menu labeling is well supported by many healthcare providers and organizations.

In 2013, it was announced that, in consultation with diverse sectors, the provincial government will introduce menu labeling legislation that would require large chain restaurants to display calorie information (with other nutrition information) on their menus/menu boards. Toronto Public Health was represented at the consultations. The Medical Officer of Health’s suggestions included recommendation that sodium levels should be posted alongside calorie information and that public education (on how to use menu labels) should accompany the legislation. As the provincial government has committed to this legislation, Toronto Public Health has halted advancement of creating a municipal menu labeling bylaw.

Decision Documents:

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