Greater Golden Horseshoe Alliance

Long-term food security means that we need farmland in and near the city. We must begin to account for the true cost of urban sprawl on Canada’s prime agricultural lands.

The Toronto Food Policy Council has contributed to many planning consultative processes to try and moderate this sprawl on surrounding farmland including:

  • Commission on Planning and Development Reform in Ontario (Sewell Commission)
  • Ontario Bill 163 (Planning Act) and Comprehensive Set of Policy Statements, the Reformed Planning Act (Bill 20) and the new Provincial Policy Statement
  • Report of the Greater Toronto Area Task Force (Golden Report)
  • City of Toronto existing Official Plan, and draft Official Plan 2001
  • City of Toronto Strategic Plan
  • City of Toronto Environmental Task Force

Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Alliance is a group that has come together to generate an action plan on how to tackle the issue of farmland protection and how the Golden Horseshoe region can continue to grow. The Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Action Plan: 2021 was adopted by Toronto City Council in April 2012 and financially endorsed by Toronto City Council. In February 2013 City Council appointed Councillor Mary Fragedakis to the Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Action Plan Alliance. This alliance involves a number of high level political influences, like the City Councillor appointed but also involves a City Staff Working Group involving members of the City Planning Department, Economic Development Department, and Toronto Food Strategy/ Toronto Food Policy Council. This staff working group was directed under the recommendations of the Economic Development Committee to City Council in February 2014 to implement specific actions under the Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Action Plan, 2021.

 Also in line with farmland protection surrounding the GTA Toronto City Council endorsed the Food and Water First campaign based on a motion by Councillor Josh Matlow, seconded by Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon.


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