Food Business Sector


Creation of a Food and Beverage Sector Specialist Position

The City of Toronto’s current Food and Beverage Sector Specialist is Michael Wolfson. In his capacity as an industry advisor, Michael sits on the Greater Toronto Agricultural Action Committee, Ontario Culinary Tourism Steering Committee, and the Toronto Enviro-food Working Group. The Food and Beverage Sector Specialist partners with local stakeholders, organizations and governments on activities such as

  • Advancing municipal issues related to food and beverage processors
  • Consulting with the food industry
  • Supporting members and programs of business networks (such as the Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Alliance)

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Toronto Food Business Incubator

Launched in 2007 and run by a not-for-profit board, the Toronto Food Business Incubator supports start-up food entrepreneurs in building their food business. The incubator provides access to a food production facility, business advice and consultations, and training on growing a food processing business.

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