Community Food Funds

The 2005 City of Toronto budget allocated funds towards building up Food Security and Community Development initiatives within the city. The 2005 Approved Budget for the Community Partnership and Investment Program included an allocation for two new service areas: $300,000 for Food Security and $250,000 for Service Development.

This initiative was produced out of a grant request to support food and hunger initiatives made in 2004 to the Community Services Committee and came out of recommendations made in The Food and Hunger Action Committee’s 2001 Phase II report “The Growing Season”.

The food security portion of this funding was to be directed towards:

  1. Community gardens, community markets and community kitchens in high needs communities.
  2. Community co-ordination and animation to build capacity for addressing needs in new areas.
  3. Short term projects that demonstrate innovations in the delivery of programs that address food security.


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