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Archive: Food Policy Decisions in Toronto

Toronto is a municipal food policy leader, with a long history working to ensure access to healthy, affordable, sustainable and culturally acceptable food. Major highlights in Toronto food legislation include establishment of the Toronto Food Policy Council (TFPC), FoodShare, Student Nutrition Programs, the Toronto Food Charter and the Toronto Food Strategy. There have also been many important decisions the City of Toronto has made regarding food policy and many currently under consideration.

Pdf. version of archive: Toronto Food Policy Archive – Spring 2015

Visit the links below to learn more about Toronto food policy decisions:

Food Policy and Governance
Toronto Food Policy Council
Toronto Food Charter
Greater Golden Horseshoe Alliance
Supportive Food Language in the Official Plan
Toronto Food Strategy
Healthy Cities, Healthy Public Policy

Access to Healthy Food
Food Share
Student Nutrition Programs
Food Justice Day Proclamation
Community Kitchens

Recreation Centre Soda Ban (not passed)
Nutritious Food Basket
Diabetes Prevention Strategy
Food Advertising to Children
Menu Labeling

Rural Urban Linkages
Farmers Markets

Community Gardening and Urban Agriculture
Community Gardens
Urban Agriculture
Urban Hens
School Gardens

Toronto Public Health Programs
Healthy Environments
Healthy Communities
Healthy Families
Chronic Disease & Injury Prevention
Healthy Public Policy

Funding and Community Support
Community Food Funds
LiveGreen Funding

Environmental Sustainability
Local Food Procurement
Green Roof Bylaw

Economic Development
Street Food

Inter-jurisdictional Advocacy
Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

Waste Management
Food waste

Food Industry
Creation of Food and Beverage Sector Specialist
Toronto Food Business Incubator

Timeline of Toronto Food Policy Decisions

1985 – Food Share Established
1991 – Toronto Food Policy Council Established
2001 – City council adopts Toronto Food Charter
2002 – Toronto’s Official Plan includes language about importance of local and regional food systems
2005 – City of Toronto budget allocates funds towards food security
2009 – Green roof bylaw adopted by City Council
2010 – Toronto Food Strategy Established
2011 – Healthy Toronto by Design report
2011 – City supports the GrowTO Speaker Series
2012 – City Council endorses the Greater Golden Horseshoe Action Plan
2012 – GrowTO Urban Agriculture Action Plan created and endorsed by City Council
2012 – Toronto Board of Health endorsed net increase of funding for Student Nutrition Programs
2015 – Toronto food incubator approved and funded
2015 – Street food vending by-laws updated