Tinto Coffee House

Tinto Coffee House


Local Food Hero 2009

Tinto Coffee House, at 89 Roncesvalles Avenue, received the Local Food Hero Award because of its commitment to local, organic, and sustainable foods and for providing a supportive atmosphere for the local community. Co-owner, Ricardo Rozental, explained that his purchase of fair-trade Latin American coffee and local food products is a way of upholding the values of equity and social justice by supporting local suppliers and producers. He strives to buy only environmentally-responsible equipment and machinery for the kitchen, and the restaurant offers space for socially-motivated community events, such as art exhibits and musical presentations.

Unique Food System Problem

Tinto’s owners, Ricardo Rozental and Elvia Saenz, from Colombia, want to share the cultural and culinary joy of their native homeland with the coffee-lovers of Toronto. The trade of coffee beans from Colombia to the rest of the world is substantial and not all of the sale and export is fairly traded nor is all the coffee sustainably grown.

Unique Food System Solution

Tinto’s main focus is to promote fair trade and locally produced food and raise awareness on Colombian and Latin America farming and trade issues. Tinto’s coffee beans are sourced from Latin America, and its suppliers for food ingredients and products are selected with care. Each supplier is Fair Trade certified and the products are chemical-free, hormone-free, organic, and local to the Toronto region. By purchasing food from Tinto Coffee House, customers make it possible for Latin American and local producers to engage in just and alternative trade systems. Patrons may also walk away enriched by the numerous cultural events put on at Tinto’s throughout the year!