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Which of the Following is NOT an Essential Service? Roads, Schools, Food Access: Exploring Food Security with Young Aboriginal Moms

Abstract: This paper engages young Aboriginal mothers in the process of understanding how the dynamics of food insecurity in Toronto, with attention to colonization and government policies. During a mural

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Eating Culture and Culinary Practice

Abstract: This presentation considers the attempts that Taiwanese women make to recreate “authentic” Taiwanese food while living in Toronto. High prices of cultural foods affects women’s provisioning; however, changes to

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Food-Related Household Work and Learning Among New Chinese Immigrant Women

Abstract: This presentation explores the gendered and cultural dimensions of household work, and examines the experiences of Chinese immigrant women in Toronto. Analysis shows that household work changes over the

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Women’s Identities and Food Practices: Practices of Settlement and Resistance in Immigrant Toronto

Abstract: This study aims to examine how food mediates settlement experiences of immigrant and refugee women and the changes in their roles, responsibilities and identities in Toronto, Ontario. It explores

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