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Can Green Roofs Provide Habitat for Urban Bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae)?

Abstract: Increasing urbanization of many regions of the world has resulted in the decline of suitable habitat for wild flora and fauna. Green roofs have been suggested as a potential

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Could Toronto Provide 10% of its Fresh Vegetable Requirements from within its own Boundaries? Matching Consumption Requirements with Growing Spaces

Abstract: Is it feasible for Toronto to produce and market 10% of its fresh vegetable requirements from within its own boundary, without competing with existing Ontario vegetable producers? Using zoning

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So Why is the City of Toronto Concerned About Food and Agriculture Policy? A Short History of the Toronto Food Policy Council

Abstract: This article responds to questions regarding the city’s interests in food policy, and the creation of the Toronto Food Policy Council. By drawing out the layers involved in food

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Urban Agriculture Summit: Call for proposals

The TFPC is pleased to announce an exciting Urban Agriculture Summit taking place in Toronto from August 15-18, 2012. The Summit will bring together a diversity of people that

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