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Conference: Feeding Cities: Rural-Urban Connections and the Future of Family Farming

The TFPC  has been involved in the planning of the international conference on Feeding Cities: Rural-Urban Connections and the Future of Family Farming to be held June 23-24. This

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The Growing Prevalence of Diabetes in Ontario: Are We Prepared?

Abstract: The prevalence of diabetes in Ontario has increased dramatically over the past decade and has already exceeded the global increase that was projected to occur by 2030. Although diabetes

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Food Security, Health and the Immigrant Experience

Abstract: The CERIS funded research project on food security, health and immigration was carried out by a team of researchers associated with the Centre for Studies in Food Security at

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A Tale of Three Tomatoes: The New Food Economy in Toronto, Canada

Abstract: Since the mid-1990s, the most dynamic component of the Toronto urban food economy has been the small- and medium-sized enterprises, comprised mainly of specialty, local, ethnic, and organic food-processing

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Edible Backyards: a Qualitative Study of Household Food Growing and its Contributions to Food Security

Abstract: In this exploratory assessment of the contribution home food gardening makes to community food security, in-depth interviews were conducted with gardeners in two contrasting neighborhoods in Toronto, Canada. It

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