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The Urban Creative-Food Economy: Producing Food for the Urban Elite or Social Inclusion Opportunity?

Abstract: The food industry has always been a major generator of economic activity in the Greater Toronto Area. However, recently the innovative and creative elements of the industry have changed.

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A Tale of Three Tomatoes: The New Food Economy in Toronto, Canada

Abstract: Since the mid-1990s, the most dynamic component of the Toronto urban food economy has been the small- and medium-sized enterprises, comprised mainly of specialty, local, ethnic, and organic food-processing

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Farmers’ Markets and their Practices Concerning Income, Privilege and Race: A Case Study of the Wychwood Artscape Barns in Toronto

Abstract: Farmers’ markets provide high quality, local produce and are often considered an environmentally sustainable food practice. United States studies have scrutinized farmers’ markets as exclusionary white spaces that are

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Placing Food

Abstract: The cornucopia that tempts Torontonians and other global urbanites is distracting us from the serious and growing problem of placeless food. If we look to the most common place

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