Shamez Amlani and Brook Kavanagh

Shamez Amlani, owner of  La Palette



Brook Kavanagh, executive chef at La Palette


Local Food Heroes 2007


La Palette, originally a restaurant in Kensington Market, now has its new outpost on Queen Street West. The restaurant features locally produced food and consciously works to reduce its carbon footprint by using fewer fossil fuels.

Unique Food System Problem

La Palette recognizes the role that restaurants play in the health of its patrons and the environment. Since food is such a large part of each person’s environmental footprint, there is always a significant opportunity for a consumer to make the choice to support sustainable practices.

Unique Food System Solution

La Palette is a gem of a restaurant serving fresh French cuisine made from local ingredients whenever possible. La Palette aims to showcase how accessible good food is and does this while continuously working to reduce its carbon footprint.