Sandra Hutley and Sarah Trotman


Sandra Hutley and Sarah Trotman, Coordinators of the East Scarborough Festival Market

Local Food Heroes 2011

Sandra Hutley and Sarah Trotman are coordinators at the East Scarborough Festival Market. The market began as part of the community’s food security strategy to ensure easy access to low cost fresh fruits and vegetables for community members. The Festival Market has now become a focal point for the community, facilitating a sense of ownership and pride for community members and providing a safe place to gather and celebrate diversity. Hutley and Trotman have accomplished extraordinary work in increasing access to healthy food and building community.

Unique Food System Problem

There was a time when many of East Scarborough’s community members were plagued with limited access to low cost nutritious food. Residents were also finding it difficult to voice their interests and concerns regarding food access issues.

Unique Food System Solution

The Festival Market began as a collaborative initiative supported by local community agencies and is now a full-fledged resident-led project. Members of the East Scarborough community have the opportunity to socialize, explore entrepreneurial ventures, and support fellow neighbours in their businesses. The Festival Market facilitates local economic opportunities and strengthens community spirit, all the while ensuring access to affordable, healthy food products.