The Potential for Mobile Produce Vending in Toronto


The Toronto Food Strategy is interested in exploring the potential for mobile vending to improve access to fresh produce in underserved neighbourhoods. Mobile produce vending could take many forms, but in its simplest form would involve a small truck or van selling produce at several locations per day. This presents a flexible, inexpensive food retail solution that does not require large investments of capital or changes to the built environment. Mobile produce vending could also provide income-generating opportunities for entrepreneurs.

This report explores the potential for mobile produce vending within Toronto’s regulatory environment. Two scenarios are imagined for the sake of simplicity: mobile vending on private property and mobile vending on public roadways. These scenarios are not mutually exclusive, but are separated here because they are subject to different regulations.


Neubauer, Josh. “The potential for mobile produce vending in Toronto”  Toronto, ON: Toronto Public Health, 2011.


The Potential for Mobile Vending in Toronto

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