Homeless “Squeegee Kids”: Food Insecurity and Daily Survival


Current knowledge about food insecurity in North America is largely based on research with low-income households. Much less is known about the food experiences of homeless people, a group who are particularly vulnerable to food insecurity. This study explored the food experiences of street youth, one of the fastest growing segments of the homeless population in Canada. To gain an in-depth understanding of food insecurity within the context of daily life, ethnographic research was undertaken with street youth at one inner-city drop-in centre in Toronto, Canada. Results of this study reveal that street youth’s access to food was precarious amidst the instability and chaos of street life.


Dachner, Naomi and Tarasuk, Valerie. “Homeless “Squeegee Kids”: Food Insecurity and Daily Survival” Social Science and Medicine 59.7(2002):1039-1049.


Homeless “Squeegee Kids”: Food Insecurity and Daily Survival