Food Security, Health and the Immigrant Experience


The CERIS funded research project on food security, health and immigration was carried out by a team of researchers associated with the Centre for Studies in Food Security at Ryerson Polytechnic University, the Centre for Health Studies at York University, the Centre Medico-Social Communautaire and the Regent Park Community Health Centre. The project involved the creation of a web resource on food, health, and immigration; an exploration of changing food practices among francophone African, Somalian and Vietnamese immigrant populations in Toronto; and an exploration of the policies and services which would support the development of community programs, entrepreneurial initiatives, and household practices to enhance the food security, health and wellbeing of immigrant populations in Toronto.


Jennifer Welsh “Food Security, Health and the Immigrant Experience” Final Report. Toronto, ON: The Toronto Food Research Network, 1998. (**The Toronto Food Research Network no longer exists)


Food Security, Health and the Immigrant Experience