Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy – What They Heard

One year ago, Employment and Social Development Canada launched a consultation process to inform the development of a Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy. Over 600 Canadians were consulted in 33 communities in 9 provinces and territories.

Among those who made formal online submissions were our friends at Community Food Centres Canada, Food Banks Canada, and Food Secure Canada. Issues surrounding food insecurity were voiced a many times within the Report, titled: Poverty Reduction Strategy – What We Heard Report. Notably, it was heard from parents that they often had to choose between purchasing food for their children and paying their bills.

“Stakeholders who sent us submissions highlighted the importance of quality nutrition for children facing poverty across the country. Food security was a key concern among First Nations, Inuit and Métis participants in particular. They said that the high prices of, and limited access to, nutritious food in their communities, particularly in northern, isolated areas, are major issues.”

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