TO Election: 10 Questions About Food to Ask Candidates

Is your candidate for City Council or Mayor food friendly?


Here are 10 sample questions to ask candidates.


  1. Almost 1 in 4 Torontonians live in poverty and many others live unreasonably far from grocery stores and farmers’ markets. As city councillor/mayor how will you address this issue?
  2. One in ten jobs in Ontario are in the food sector, how will you support new food businesses?
  3. Municipalities across Ontario and North America are implementing sustainable food procurement policies to support farmers and local economies. As councillor/mayor, how will you ensure that local, healthy and culturally appropriate food is being served in all City facilities?
  4. What are your ideas for improving the food truck policies in the city and how will you provide incentives for healthy street food?
  5. How will you reduce food waste in our city?
  6. Do you support more healthy food being sold at easily accessible convenience stores?
  7. How will you work with the provincial and federal governments to improve social assistance rates and ensure a living wage which more accurately reflect the cost of a nutritious food basket?
  8. Will you support the implementation of the Golden Horseshoe Food and Farm Action Plan?
  9. How will you support residents to start more community gardens?
  10. How will you support a food security strategy for Toronto Community Housing residents?