#NOURISHKIDSNOW – The Push for Healthy School Food During COVID19

July 26th, 2020

The Coalition for Healthy School Food and 130 health, education, Indigenous and environmental organizations from every province and territory, are calling on provincial medical officers of health and local health and educational professionals to set guidelines for school food programs this fall that balance COVID-19 safety with allowing healthy meals rich in vegetables and fruit, as recommended by Canada’s 2019 food guide, to be served.

Read the full media release https://e7a651fe-6e96-431d-9a6f-a7fa6f71676d.usrfiles.com/ugd/e7a651_d19b4a8426fd4aebab4a80a95cd2ab0c.pdf

How can you help?

Email your representatives and let them know you want a dedicated school food fund. Use this simple tool to send an email in one click! Click here