Why Eating Insects Won’t End World Hunger

Could we be trading one destructive food system for another?

Joshua Evans is a Canadian PhD candidate and the co-author of On Eating Insects. He is interviewed in this article titled, Why Eating Insects Won’t Solve World Hunger, and states the following:

“We have gotten into a bad habit of talking about specific organisms as ‘sustainable’ or ‘unsustainable,’ ” Evans says, “But sustainability is not a property of organisms. It is a property of systems. If we think insects will suddenly change the catastrophic effects of monoculture and mass production, we will be sorely disappointed.”

Lisa Rathke, the author of this article goes on to explain, “Based on his research, [Joshua] believes that once production of edible insects is scaled up, the impact of feed, energy, processing and transportation will make bugs no more sustainable than conventional protein sources.”

The article goes on to detail why insects will never be a solution for world hunger – simply put, “people go hungry because of poverty, not a lack of supply”. 

Read this eye opening article in full here.