Where to Find Soil to Start your Gardening!

Gardening is a great way to practice physical distancing and learn more about food! Last week, we shared a list of local seed producers with online stores and this week we are sharing local options for soil including pick up and delivery! 

Backyard Urban Farm Company (BUFCO)

  • https://bufco.ca/
  • Located in Parkdale
  • Potting mix by Grow4 and worm castings in 20-litre bags | 20-25$
  • A limited supply of 2-litre bags of Jocelyn’s soil booster (pure vermicompost) | 20$
  • Microgreen kits to grow your own microgreens. | 35$

The Growing Connection

  • http://www.thegrowingconnection.com
  • Delivery across southern Ontario
  • Ready to plant growing kits

Gro4 Organics Inc

  •  www.gro4.ca
  • (416)769-1428
  • Pick Up or Delivery throughout Ontario (10 20-litre bag minimum for delivery)
  • Many mixes including potting soil & worm compost

East End Garden Centre

  • Instagram or Facebook
  • (416) 469-4925
  • Located at Queen & Greenwood
  • Delivery in their area, and can arrange for other areas
    • $40 delivery fee for orders under $100, $20 delivery fee for orders over $100
  • outdoor soils, potting soils, mulch, plants, etc. some organic options.

Grow It All

  • www.growitall.ca
  • (416) 588-9595
  • Pick Up Only
  • Located on Geary (north of Dupont) near Dufferin
  • Selection of potting soils, indoor soils, coir, promix, organic options available
    • A variety of containers, pots and trays


  • 1(888)742-264
  • www.picamix.ca
  • Cubic yard bags and loose cubic yards of garden soil, compost, and mulch
  • Deliveries to take place in April