VIDEO: FoodReach Improves Food Access for Toronto’s Most Vulnerable by Collaborating with Community Partners

On October 4, FoodReach, a project of the Toronto Food Strategy, launched after 3 years of establishing and perfecting the infrastructure. FoodReach is a new online portal that will improve food access for Toronto’s most vulnerable groups.

FoodReach started as a pilot project in 2015 with initial and ongoing support from TPH, the Metcalf Foundation, the Ontario Trillium Fund, Student Nutrition Toronto, Parkdale Recreation Centre (PARC) and North York Harvest Food Bank. It was designed to be a community-led, not-for-profit portal that brings high-quality food at wholesale prices to community agencies and student nutrition programs who serve over 300,000 low-income adults, children and families across Toronto. There are currently 260 member organizations.

“The Portal is simple to use and it leverages the power of group purchasing from a network of suppliers,” said Alvin Rebick, spokesperson for FoodReach. “With a great partner in North York Harvest that manages the logistics, community agencies can get timely delivery of quality and affordable food.”

Find the CTV News Clip here. 

The goals of FoodReach are to:

  • Increase access to fresh, high-quality, nutritious food at good prices
  • Decrease costs by leveraging the collective buying power of not-for-profit community agencies and institutions
  • Simplify purchasing and make account administration more transparent
  • Share ideas and resources to increase food literacy and meal preparation tips and recipes via the portal

“By leveraging our expertise in food sourcing, warehousing and delivery, North York Harvest helps to bring efficiency in our partner agencies as they can now focus on what they do best,” Ryan Noble, Executive Director of North York Harvest Food Bank and current TFPC member explained.

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