Proposed Toronto Agricultural Program

growtoThe City of Toronto is in the process of forming the “Toronto Agricultural Program and Workplan” to realize the full potential of urban agriculture. The program and workplan will be guided by a joint City-Sector Steering Committee on Urban Agriculture. Highlights from the workplan include:

  • Reviewing planning and zoning barriers to urban agriculture
  • Creating a guide to growing and selling fresh fruit and vegetables in Toronto
  • Promoting the green infrastructure benefits of urban agriculture
  • Creating an urban agriculture inventory and online map
  • Supporting the development of new community gardens
  • Identify new urban agriculture opportunities and partnerships

The TFPC was able to provide the Toronto Urban Growers with some funding to plan for how the urban agriculture community in Toronto can fully participate in the City’s new program. The staff report and committee recommending the program will go to City Council for approval on November 13th.