New National Report Card on Child and Family Poverty

In 1989, the Candian federal government voted to end child poverty by the year 2000. Now, thirty years later, there are still more than 1.35 million children living in poverty with their families in Canada. On January 14, 2020, the national report card, 2020: Setting the Stage for a Poverty-Free Canada, was released. The report provides an update on the status of child and family poverty in the country and provides recommendations to eradicate it. 

Of the twelve recommendations, the report card wants to ensure that the food policy for Canada, Everyone at the Table, announced in 2019, utilizes income-based interventions to address the needs of low-income families. 

Poverty and low income has a direct link to food insecurity and can lead to chronic illness and mental health problems. A recent report also found that prolonged food insecurity can lead to premature death (Read more). 

Each province will have its own report card, with Ontario’s coming in the following months. 

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