Local Food Action: Does It Matter What Cities Do?

“Food is among the top three contributors of cities’ environmental impact. However, cities are not the only ones responsible for acting upon their food system. Indeed, a lot what needs doing falls beyond their jurisdiction. In this context, does it matter what cities do? Are cities the right actor to tackle such issues?”

Dana Boyer’s PhD sought to answer just that! Her methodology was then used by researchers to figure out which was greater using Delhi as a case study, the impact of local actions or that of non-local actions.

Turns out, what cities do DOES matter.

It also turns out that “local action, on an individual basis, can compete with the non-local action, though no one action is able to compete across all three environmental outcomes”. The environmental outcome areas in this case being energy/GHGs, land and water.

Read on for all the details of this case study and what cities should do here!