Like Grocery Stores, Farmers’ Markets Should Remain Open

Farmers’ markets, public markets, food halls and food coops are vital spaces in our communities that not only provide fresh and healthy food to urban communities but they support a relationship-based food system and more resilient supply chains. In light of COVID19 “shelter in place” orders, many community food markets across Toronto are not operating, a trend we are seeing in other cities across North America. 

TFPC member, Marina Queirolo, has written an article questioning why grocery stores are an essential service while food markets are not. She looks at how other cities are reacting, including the City of Vancouver that recognizes its markets as crucial to the local food system and one of the best places for residents to access fresh healthy food. 

 “What message are we sending to our regional growers and residents if we close farmer’s markets and keep supermarkets chains open? Are grocery stores safer than farmers’ markets? Is global food safer that local food? Are large corporations more protected than small and medium enterprises?”

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