Debbie Field’s Big Idea

Debbie Field photo

Debbie Field, the executive director of FoodShare, has a big idea for how to make Toronto a better place to live:

Put food first in urban planning and social policy

“Imagine fresh vegetables and fruits available within a 15-minute walk of everyone’s home, exciting street food and healthy corner stores a lively part of our urban environment. Imagine community gardens, composting, bake ovens, beekeeping, fruit trees and urban farms added to schools, parks, yards, roofs and balconies of buildings. Imagine all students eating healthy cost-shared meals at school; arenas, hospitals, daycare centres, senior facilities serving healthy, local and sustainably produced food.

Imagine social assistance and a minimum wage adequate to ensure sufficient income to buy healthy food. Imagine subsidized markets in low-income neighbourhoods so all Torontonians could access fresh, nutritious produce.”

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(Published in the Toronto Star on Saturday, Feb 22, 2014, p. 3)