Climate Change is Reducing Nutrient Content in our Food Supply

Climate change is a food issue and will pose serious challenges to public health. A recent study has found that the nutrient levels in food decreases as atmospheric CO2 levels increase. An issue that was once thought to be rooted in depleting soil health caused by industrial monoculture practices is now being understood as two-fold. Already, dietary deficiencies of zinc and iron are a substantial global public health problem.

The impacts of less nutritious food will be especially challenging for low income people and those in underdeveloped areas of the world as “the majority of people rely on a few staple crops and do not eat diverse foods rich in minerals”.

The need for quick policy reform and climate change adaptation is critical. Greta Thunberg, and her speech at the United Nations, is making waves by igniting Global Climate Action Week. The Toronto Climate Strike is this Friday, September 27, starting in Queens Park at 11am.

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