Child poverty a major issue in every Toronto ward, statistics show


The 2018 Toronto Child & Family Poverty Report examined census tract data to map child and family poverty across Toronto.

Key Findings:

• Child poverty affects families in every ward in Toronto
• The City of Toronto has higher rates of child poverty than the Greater Toronto Area
• Across the city, 26.3% of children live in low-income families.
• 10 of the city’s 25 wards have overall child poverty rates between 30.2% and 45.2%. Some neighbourhoods have child poverty as high as 72.3% (based on census tract-level data)
• Even among the 10 wards with the lowest rates of child poverty, areas within these wards have child poverty rates as high as 35% to 52.6% — 2 to 3.5 times higher than the overall rates
• The highest rates of child poverty are among Indigenous (84%), racialized (33.3%), and newcomer communities (40%).

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