Canada’s New Food Guide

Canada’s new Food Guide is out! Gone are the four food groups. Instead, the guide encourages plant-forward eating and reduces the emphasis on meat and dairy. For the first time, there are also suggestions on how to eat.

The new Food Guide promotes eating a diet made up of roughly half fruits and vegetables, along with whole grains and more plant-based proteins such as chickpeas and tofu, with less of a focus on meat and dairy.

Not only, are the four food groups gone, but so are specific recommendations and numbers of servings. The new guide tries to be more user-friendly approach, displaying a plate full of food, with one half filled with fruits and vegetables, and the other half divided between whole grains and protein. Canadians are discouraged from eating processed foods high in sodium, sugar and saturated fats.

The Food Guide promotes water as the beverage of choice, both to encourage hydration, and to discourage drinking sugary or alcoholic beverages.

There’s also a new emphasis on how we eat. The new Food Guide encourages Canadians to “Be mindful of your eating habits;” “Cook more often;” “Enjoy your food;” and “Eat meals with others.” It also emphasizes that many Canadians are excluded from eating nutritious food because of low income or distance from affordable food outlets.