Calling all Food Champions!

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Toronto neighbourhoods boast amazing, dynamic food projects.

The people who support them are even more amazing and dynamic. They have on-the-ground experience using food to solve city problems.

Are you committed to working toward strengthening local food systems in your community? Do you wish you had more resources, capacity and access to dynamic networks to advance your community food work?

Join us!

If you have on-the-ground experience using food to solve city problems, we want your insight into the food priorities in your neighbourhood.

The TFPC is launching Food by Ward: Food Assets and Opportunities in Toronto. This resource lists and maps community food initiatives across the city so that Councillors, communities, organizations and individuals can see and support the great work happening around the City more easily—but we need your help.

The Food by Ward initiative aims to:

  • Grow the City of Toronto’s appetite for using food assets to solve City problems;
  • Make it easier for City staff and officials to see and use community food assets strategically, and;
  • Inspire, support, and guide community Food Champions in their work.

Food by Ward goals:

  • Highlight the complexity of food resources, networks, and systems in Toronto by mapping food assets.
  • Showcase food assets and activities in each ward to help City Councillors see food assets in their communities and integrate this into broader planning and decision-making at the City.
  • Build tools, skills, capacity, and channels so food leaders are able to move food priorities forward.
  • Strengthen and connect local and city-wide food networks to facilitate conversations on food with City Councillors and city leaders.
  • Advocate for the equitable distribution of food assets in all 44 wards across the city.

View the Food by Ward document here.

Who Is a Food Champion?
Growing a food movement takes a diversity of energy and skill. It follows that there are lots of way you can be a Food Champion.

You are a Food Champion if:

  • You work on a community food project
  • You work for a community agency or network that supports food access
  • You love good food and think all people should be able to enjoy good food too
  • You are a gardener, cook, or food advocate
  • You are a City Councillor or city staff and recognize the importance of food in the city

As part of our valued network of Food Champions, we encourage you support the Food by Ward initiative in the following ways:

  1. Work with community agencies, food networks or your City Councillor to hold a community meeting to identify community priorities
  2. Review the Food by Ward Tool kit and sample invite email attached
  3. Invite your Councillor to the launch of Food by Ward on May 3 and share our Food Champion invite with your networks
  4. Join us to celebrate the work of Food Champions and the launch of Food by Ward
  5. Share the Food By Ward resource with your community and help keep the database up to date

View the Food Champion toolkit here.

If you are a food leader in your community and want to help identify and promote food priorities in your ward and across the city, become a Food Champion!

Sign up to be a food champion now:

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