2020 Food Trend: Sustainability

Moving towards a more plant-focused diet is essential to meeting climate change goals.  In a recent article from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Liveable Future, it has found that plant-based foods are becoming more mainstream and that customers are thinking more about sustainability when it comes to their food choices. Click here to read the article

The move towards more plant-focused diets is timely as in October 2019, Toronto signed onto the C40 Good Food Cities Declaration. A key objective of the C40 Good Food Cities is to transition to the “Planetary Health Diet” which recommends a plant-based diet focusing on vegetables, nuts and plant protein. Meat is still on the menu but in much smaller quantities. Read more about Toronto’s commitment (Click here).

To achieve these goals, the Toronto Board of Health has passed a motion to have all city divisions to develop a food lens. To see how each city division interacts with food look at Figure 2 on page 8 of the Toronto Food Strategy 2018 Annual Report (Click here).