Mission Food Access Network (MFAN)

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Est. 2009


Members of MFAN are citizens and representative from various local agencies, such as: District of Mission Social Development Commission, Fraser Health, Mission City Farmers’ Market, Mission Food Centre, L.I.N.C. Society, and several churches. Meetings are held monthly.

Association with Government:

There is no formalized relationship between MFAN and the local government; however there is one representative from Mission’s Social Development Department on MFAN. The municipality has assisted in drafting policy, but provide no official funding.

Documents Created:



It is difficult to move food security projects forward with the existing Council culture, where there is a lack of an overarching vision for the local government. MFAN experiences funding insecurity, their contracts come to an end and there is often a lull in attendance and tasks until funding is found for a new Coordinator to help move things along. Also, Mission is a small community (of 38,000) with huge need; representatives at MFAN are already busy people and do not have a lot of time to work on projects, thus a Coordinator is needed to lead the pack.

Help for Overcoming Challenges:

  • Committed volunteers that stay through the ups and downs
  • Good working relationship with 1 committed local government staff


  • Community Kitchens