Nourrir Montreal



Nourrir Montreal is also a roundtable, with 20 representatives from municipalities, business, industry, the health and education sectors, community organizations, foundations and unions. Regional food collations on the island also participate in some of their projects.

Association with Government:

Nourrir Montreal is part of la Conférence régionale des élus (CRÉ). The CRE is not a government body per se but more of a roundtable of political and socio-economic leaders for the island of Montreal, including the mayors of all the municipalities. It develops a 5-year plan for the region then advises government and other bodies on its implementation. It also organizes and leads specific projects related to the development of the region.

Activities and Documents Created:

  • Food security is part of CRE’s social development agenda. It is refocusing Nourrir Montreal’s work through developing a plan that will guides progress toward a sustainable and equitable food system, specifically moving forward projects that mobilize stakeholders from different sectors.
  • Nourrir Montreal began a pilot project that located farmers markets in schoolyards and other public spaces
  • They have supported the building of networks amongst community garden organizers and have an interest in supporting urban and peri-urban agriculture, including community gardens and rooftops, greenhouse and farms on the island
  • They have held workshops with key actors along the agri-food chain on issues of access, availability and related food security themes
  • Nourrir Montreal is supporting efforts of young entrepreneurs to increase access to healthy food