Mike Schreiner

Mike Schreiner, entrepreneur and champion of food systems thinking

Local Food Hero 2005

Mike Schreiner is a leading advocate for independent businesses, local food, and sustainable communities. He is well-known for his leadership in co-founding the award-winning Local Food Plus organization. Mike also co-founded WOW Foods, a local organic food distribution company, and EarthDance Organics, a Guelph-based food production business that supplies local health food stores and farmer’s markets with baked goods and prepared foods.

Unique Food System Problem

Schreiner worked in Guelph for over 10 years as an entrepreneur and advocate in the local food movement. Collaborating with local farmers and community members throughout the GTA, he saw a greater need to connect food growers with consumers in order to promote financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable local food systems.

Unique Food System Solution

From Schreiner’s efforts, WOW Foods is now an award-winning organic food distribution company. With his firsthand knowledge of sustainable local food businesses Local Food Plus has become a successful non-profit that connects farmers with consumers, and helps support and build a stronger and healthier regional food system.

His Current Work

Mike Schreiner has been able to continue his advocacy of local food as as the leader of the Green Party of Ontario, elected on November 14, 2009.