Mike Nevin

Mike Nevin, Compost Facilitator Extraordinaire at FoodShare Toronto

Local Food Hero 2013

Mike Nevin, who recently celebrated his 70th birthday, is a highly valued member of FoodShare and his community. Nevin is the king of reduce, reuse, and recycle, and is very humble, refusing the title of “master”, preferring compost facilitator instead. Mike inspires people to change their lives on many levels. He is an inspiring teacher and never stops learning – he holds two master’s degrees and is in the process of learning a fourth language.

Unique Food System Problem

FoodShare is a Toronto-based non-profit organization that aims to improve access to affordable and healthy food. Every day there are food scraps left over from the agency’s fresh produce warehouse and kitchen as well as from many of their innovative food-based programming such as their Good Food Box, Mobile Good Food Market, Student Nutrition Programs, Field to Table Schools, and Urban Agriculture projects.

Unique Food System Solution

Nevin works as the compost facilitator for FoodShare, collecting approximately 250 kg of vegetable waste and food scraps, which he chops by hand and mixes with shredded paper, leaves or wood shavings from a local furniture maker. After being left to mature for three months, his fertilizing mixture, rich in nutrients, is distributed to local community gardens and is returned to the FoodShare fruit and vegetable garden, resulting in a closed-loop system that is  beneficial for the environment.