Marc Breton

Marc Breton, inspiring chef at Gladstone Hotel

Local Food Hero 2007

Marc Breton, head chef at the Gladstone Hotel, has organized special Wednesday evening “harvest dinners” in the past few years, which feature food that is delivered by local farmers who supply the Gladstone through their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs. Marc has spearheaded the Gladstone’s commitment to CSA through upfront and regular purchases from farmers over an entire growing season.

Unique Food System Problem

Chef Breton has been passionate about food for a long time, possessing a love of local and seasonal produce that he believes is superior in taste and quality. This attitude, coupled with his talent of producing mouth-watering dishes, motivates him to inspire others to look no further than their local farmers and food producers for ingredients.

Unique Food System Solution

Every Wednesday at the Gladstone Hotel, Chef Breton offers Torontonians dinner crafted with produce and market goods straight from nearby farms. Featured ingredients include produce from community supported agriculture programs, as well as meats, cheeses, wines, and beer from local artisanal suppliers.