Potsothy Sallapa


Potsothy Sallapa, proprietor of 4 Life Natural Foods

Local Food Hero 2006

4 Life Natural Foods is located in the Kensington Market neighbourhood. Market-goers can find fresh, often local produce, hormone-free meats, premium juices, and bulk food in the store. Owner Potsothy Sallapa, known for being vivacious and welcoming, invites friends from the farm and foodie community on Pedestrian Sundays to sell their products at in-store booths.

Unique Food System Problem

4 Life Natural Foods is pro-sustainability and pro-optimum health. With the massive selection of unsustainable and unnatural products available today, Sallapa’s store is meant to provide an opportunity for consumers to access affordable and fresh food in the city.

Unique Food System Solution

4 Life Natural Foods has opened up in a busy downtown area and provides Kensington Market patrons with a fresh selection of natural food products, a large portion of which is local produce. Sallapa engages with the Kensington community to promote local economic development by inviting local farmers and members of the foodie community to sell their products in his store and spread awareness about the importance of local and healthy foods.