Hanif and Taslim Jamal

Hanif and Taslim Jamal, owners and managers of The Wholesome Market

 Local Food Heroes 2006

The Wholesome Market, located in the Beaches on Queen St. East, specializes in whole health products and is owned and operated by Hanif and Taslim Jamal. It is a ‘one stop shop for healthy food’, carrying natural choices for everything from fresh and frozen foods, to cleaning supplies and personal care products.

Unique Food System Problem

The Jamals believe in a business model that supports customer satisfaction by providing a unique selection of health-conscious products, while also supporting the environment through a commitment to being green.

Unique Food System Solution

The products offered at The Wholesome Market – from produce to diapers to house-made sandwiches – are natural and organic and they strive to create a consumer environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice. The Wholesome Market will even go out of its way to source hard-to-find products for its customers if they do not already carry it on their shelves.