Carl Cosack

Carl Cosack
Carl Cosack, North Dufferin Agricultural and Community Taskforce Chair

Local Food Hero 2014

Carl Cosack is a farmer and longtime environmental advocate. Carl owns Peace Valley Ranch and Rawhide Adventures where he raises grass-fed Black Angus cattle and horses and can rarely been seen without his signature cowboy hat. Carl is the Chair of the North Dufferin Agricultural and Community Taskforce (NDACT) and heads the Food and Water First campaign. Carl is also a past member of the Toronto Food Policy Council.

Unique Food System Problem

When private investors moved to buy up farmland in Melancthon to build a mega-quarry some of the farmers in the area were the first to oppose the project. NDACT took on this fight and organized an effective campaign to highlight the environmental destruction that would be caused by this mega-quarry and the irreplacable class 1 farmland that would be lost if the project went through.

Unique Food System Solution

Carl is the influential spokesperson for the Food and Water First campaign, that began first as the Stop the MegaQuarry campaign. Carl has made great strides in bridging the rural-urban divide by showing Torontonians how important farmland and farmers are to the residents of big cities and how farmers can be some of the keenest environmental advoactes putting access to food and water before extractive industries. This campaign involved tremendous cooperation between a number of different groups (including politicians, chefs, urbanites, musicians, NGOs, and farmers) and caused people to think about where their food comes from and to actively support the protection of Ontario farmland. Through Carl’s efforts and the efforts of the campaign Toronto City Council endorsed Food and Water First in October of 2013.

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