Local Food Heroes

Amidst all of the hustle and bustle that makes up Toronto’s vibrant local food movement, there are some individuals and groups who stand out by going above and beyond.

Over the past nine years, the Toronto Food Policy Council has honored many business and community leaders with a bi-monthly “Local Food Hero” award.

Individuals chosen for this award are not only leaders in their community, but innovators in their field and an inspiration for us all.  Each recipient of the award sees the world in a unique way and is able to provide creative and unique solutions to overcome a barrier within the food system.

The Toronto Food Policy Council is excited to share the stories of our Local Food Heroes past and present.

Below is a list of our Local Food Heroes. We are in the process of generating a profile of each hero, so click on the live links to read their fascinating stories. Enjoy!

Grandmother Renee Thomas-Hill
Carl Cosack

Marianne Moroney
Mike Nevin

Cynthia & Mike Beretta
Joshna Maharaj
Fresh City Farms
Aaron Joseph Bear Robe

Ruth Klahsen
Gail Gordon Oliver
Sandra Hutley & Sarah Trotman
Elizabeth Harris

Kathleen Mackintosh
Jason Verkaik
Jonathan Forbes

Tinto Coffee House
Tarrah Young
Greg Herriott

Elena Quistini
Cathy & Bryan Gilvesy
Erin Shapero
Preena Chauhan

Joe Virgona
Marc Breton
Laura Berman
Shamez Amlani & Brook Kavanagh
Ekk & Jennifer Pfenning

Yasser Qahawish
Sam & Grace Kang
Potsothy Sallapa
Hanif & Taslim Jamal

Ontario Natural Food Co-op
Ineke Booy & Martin de Groot
Mike Schreiner

Fran & Michael Earle