Laura Berman

Laura Berman of GreenFuse Photography

Local Food Hero 2007

Laura Berman is a Canadian photographer with a passion for food, farms and gardens. After working for 20 years as a landscape architect, horticulturalist, and community garden animator, Berman has now turned her focus to photography. She captures intimate images of food from field to table and the people who create it – farmers, gardeners, and chef.

Unique Food System Problem

After 20 years of working with food growers, producers and enthusiasts, Berman has developed an increasing passion to share with others the efforts that these individuals put into their work. Where a picture speaks a thousand words, she believes in the importance of documenting the work of farmers, gardeners, chefs, and nature in general, to showcase the beauty of a green world.

Unique Food System Solution

Berman utilizes her exceptional skills in photography to capture intimate portraits of food, landscapes and all of the people involved. GreenFuse Photos is a rapidly growing food stock photography catalogue and Berman’s images can regularly be seen in books and magazines, as well as purchased as fine art prints.