Kathleen Mackintosh

Kathleen Mackintosh, Founder and President of Culinarium

Local Food Hero 2010

Culinarium is a small but highly diversified food emporium on Mt. Pleasant Road, which opened for business in April 2008. Kathleen Mackintosh’s vision for Culinarium goes well beyond food retailing. Her goal is to create a community based on the rich culture of quality, local food. Culinarium is a one stop gourmet food shop offering a wide variety of food products, cooking classes, and recipes. Its mission is to change the way Ontarians eat. Mackintosh would like to see a reversal in the public’s attitudes to choosing local first. Currently, she believes, people tend to think of eating local as a “treat”, but the opposite should be the case – local should be the norm and food from far away should be the treat.

Unique Food System Problem

Culinarium supports the idea that we are all part of a bigger picture – an interconnected food system that affects us all. Manufactured, mass-produced food is undoubtedly cheaper but it also harms the environment and our well-being. Ontarians are exposed to manufactured food products on a daily basis, unknowingly, through indifference, or because of financial constraints and lack of choice. Consequently, consumers are supporting global, conventional agriculture at the expense of the vitality of locally-grown sustainable food.

Unique Food System Solution

Culinarium’s mission is to change the way Ontarians eat. Culinarium always chooses local first, from sustainable sources produced by passionate people who care deeply about food, health, and the environment. Culinarium specializes in Ontario produced foods such as artisan cheeses, gourmet preserves, naturally raised meats and organic grains. The cooking classes that are offered help connect the public to the inspiring individuals who produce their food, and the many available recipes are meant to inspire people at every meal.