Jonathan Forbes

Jonathan Forbes, Forbes Wild Foods

Local Food Hero 2010

Jonathan Forbes is the founder of Forbes Wild Foods, a company that has won acclaim in the January 2010 issue of Atlantic Magazine. His work is reflective of the emerging environmental movement to protect and promote the foraging of wild foods in the Canadian wilderness. Forbes’ company harvests food from all over Canada, gathering plants such as lingonberries, cattail hearts, mustard seed, milk weed pods, wild rice, and more. Trained pickers practice sustainable harvesting methods by gathering wild food only where it grows abundantly in its natural habitat. His company supplies to restaurants, food and health stores, and individual customers. Thanks to Forbes, Canadians are able to explore wild foods in their homes.

Unique Food System Problem

Forbes Wild Foods is concerned with the intensity of urbanization, suburbanization, and development that has been encroaching upon rural and wild areas. Diverse ecosystems and thriving environments that have flourished for thousands of years are being replaced by infrastructure that threatens the survival of plants and animals. The Canadian wilderness offers a staggering variety of edible, nutritious plants that remain undiscovered by the typical consumer.

Unique Food System Solution

Forbes Wild Foods educates consumers on the benefits of wild foods grown in Canada and sustainable harvesting practices. Forbes offers a wide selection of wild and organic fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and exotic dried foods to encourage consumers to explore the tastes of all the natural food the Canadian landscape has to offer. Forbes employs youth, farmers, and Aboriginal people who respect and understand the land and are able to pass on their experience and knowledge.