Joining forces against the urbanisation of hunger

In the future, urbanisation will mainly take place in the Global South, especially in Asia and Africa. With a projected 2 billion people living in slum by 2030, what can city or national governments in the North do to help alleviate global urban food poverty?

This article from Urban Food Futures tells us!

What impacts urban food insecurity?

  • income (or lack thereof)
  • Bad housing conditions, that lead to lack of storage and cooking space, or of a refrigerator that would prevent the food from going bad.
  • Insecurity of tenure, as a stable address is usually a prerequisite to accessing relief programs.
  • Gender inequality. Indeed, women are often more affected by food insecurity, as they are usually the last ones to eat.
  • Lack of good quality, affordable, basic services.
  • Lack of time

How do we move forward? Read on here!