Joe Virgona

December 14th, 2011
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Joe Virgona, Owner of Fiesta Farms Inc.

Local Food Hero 2007

Fiesta Farms is Toronto’s largest independent supermarket, where you can find food that is local, healthy and affordable. On Thanksgiving weekend of 2007, Fiesta Farms launched a program to feature local and sustainable foods. As well, Fiesta Farms has always shown substantial commitment to the local community.

Unique Food System Problem

Numerous supermarkets are chain stores that are run by decision makers far removed from the localities in which they operate. This can lead to a lower quality selection of products, not attuned to local resident needs, which ultimately affects the consumers. Virgona believes in supporting local ethnic communities and the local economy by providing a selection of products from around the world, and showcasing environmentally and socially responsible Ontario farmers and processors.

Unique Food System Solution

As a large, independent grocer, Fiesta Farms is able to be selective of its products: who makes them, where they come from, and what is in them. Fiesta Farms makes organic, local, ethnic, gourmet, and traditional products accessible by maintaining reasonable prices and by partnering with other local food organizations to promote local entrepreneurs and environmental initiatives.